Winter Checkups

Winter Car Service

With the short days, cold snaps, and lots and lots of rain it’s important to make sure you car is in tip top condition so it can deal with all that winter throws at it!

A Winter check will cover various aspects but some things are especially important as winter sets in.

Antifreeze Level

Keeping the right mix of coolant in the engine is important. If it becomes over-diluted it can freeze and lead to the engine overheating!


It’s important to check you have a battery that is up to the job. Batteries are put under extra strain as cold weather sets and we start running all the lights and heaters in the car! So if your car is having trouble starting, or you think it’s coming to the end of its life come and get it checked.


If your tyres are not in good condition it can affect braking time and also the amount of grip the car has on the road.

Windscreen Wipers

Effective windscreen wipers are important to help clear all the rain, sleet and hail from your windscreen effectively so your vision of the road is not impaired.


Making sure all your lights are in working order, and the lenses are clean is important; not only so you can see the road well but also so other road user can see you!

Whilst we are checking over your car you can also put together a winter survival kit to keep in your car if you get stuck in bad weather. A hi-vis vest, a blanket, a snow shovel, sturdy shoes and some food and water are all sensible things to pack in your car incase of emergency!

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